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Start Your Career In Law Enforcement By Becoming A Corrections Officer

Ellsworth Correctional Facility is a great first step to becoming a Police Officer.

Starting Wage: $24.26/hr*

*This position currently receives an additional $6.00 per hour as part of Governor Kelly’s temporary 24/7 facility pay plan.

Why become a Corrections Officer?

Career Plans

We will sit down with you and discuss your career goals, and help you achieve them. Whether you want to become a Warden or a Police Officer, we will put you on a path to achieve it.

Great Benefits

ECF offers retirement and health benefits to our employees. We care about you and your family, and want to help you succeed.

Starting Pay $24.26/hr*

The starting pay for a Corrections Officer is currently $24.26/hr*!

*Starting Pay Includes Governor's temporary 24/7 facility pay plan.


About The Job

Employees in this class become certified Corrections Officers through completion of the required basic Corrections Officer training program, and upon completion of training. They perform full performance correctional work, enforcing designated laws, and rules and regulations in a correctional facility.


Incumbents in this class are responsible for maintaining security in a correctional facility by supervising the conduct, work, discipline and recreation of residents. Incumbents in this class are certified Corrections Officers and exercise delegated statutory powers.

Not sure if you want to apply?

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