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Accounting Specialist

  • This is paraprofessional accounting work in the maintenance, review and reconciliation of financial records to ensure compliance with accepted accounting principles and standards. Work may involve performing a wide variety of routine accounting and bookkeeping tasks in an agency with limited fiscal programs, participating in the work of a unit within a centralized accounting operation, or acting as an assistant to a professional accountant involved in the supervision of a phase of a large fiscal operation. 

Accountant III

  • This is advanced professional accounting work. Work involves the responsibility for directing an accounting sub-system or fiscal activity; assisting in the management of an extensive accounting or fiscal management program; or performing specialized accounting tasks.

  • Duties at this level require a high degree of concentration due to the many factors that must be considered and weighed before a decision can be reached. Errors may cause major program failure or a high degree of confusion. Employee researches financial problem areas, identify significant trends, prepare a variety of specialized financial management reports, schedules and analyses. Employees may work with users to identify reporting needs and anticipate need and benefit of information and formulate reporting techniques to comply with statewide fiscal policy and special requires of other funding sources.

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