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Ellsworth Correctional
Facility Tour

Facility Tour Part 1

Welcome to Our Facility Tour!

Welcome to an exclusive inside look at Ellsworth Correctional Facility! 


In Parts 1 and 2 of the Ellsworth Correctional Facility Tour, you will be guided by Public Information Officer, Carolyn Graves. Carolyn will take you through our facility, providing detailed commentary and insights that only an insider could offer.


This comprehensive tour presents a unique opportunity to see the inner workings of our correctional facility up close. You'll gain valuable insights into the day-to-day operations and discover the vital roles that our dedicated staff play in keeping the facility running smoothly. From security protocols to rehabilitation programs, you'll learn about the various components that contribute to our mission of maintaining a safe and supportive environment.


This tour will give you a glimpse into what a career at Ellsworth Correctional Facility entails. You’ll learn about the various components that contribute to our Mission Statement, “Partnering to Promote Safety and Responsibility through Best Practices” and see firsthand the impactful environment you could be a part of, where your contributions can make a significant difference. Whether you're interested in corrections, administration, rehabilitation, or any other aspect of our operations, you'll find an exciting and fulfilling career path here.


Join us to explore the many facets of our facility and envision your future with us at Ellsworth Correctional Facility. Where you'll become an integral part of a team committed to excellence and positive change.

Facility Tour Part 2

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