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Administrative Assistant

  • Work is structured and the steps to complete a process is usually straightforward and routine. Work usually involves typing or keyboarding. Some of the duties at this level include: answering and routing calls, opening and sorting mail, verifying data for accuracy and completeness, proofreading for proper coding, preparing and entering data and information from source documents, rough draft or general instructions into routine forms, correspondence, or statistical reports, maintaining stock and supplies.

Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Work involves a variety of complex office support duties of a clerical or secretarial nature that requires some thought process. Usually involves several steps to complete analysis of data to identify facts and to complete the required action. Decisions are made based upon well-defined rules, regulations, methods and procedures with very little deviation although they may have limited interpretation when applying procedural guidelines. Some of the duties at this level include: providing basic, factual information to customers, proofing and finalizing correspondence and reports, compiling and entering data and retrieving data from records from an informational database, processing applications for licensing requirements, recording time and leave entries and basic bookkeeping duties.

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