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Ellsworth Correctional Facility

Job Position: Correctional Officer I

Starting Pay: $24.26/Hr*

*Starting pay includes Governor's temporary 24/7 facility pay plan.

Job Description

Employees in this class become certified Corrections Officers through completion of the required basic Corrections Officer training program, and upon completion of training. They perform full performance correctional work, enforcing designated laws, and rules and regulations in a correctional facility.


  • Be at least 21 years old

  • High school diploma 

  • Has not been convicted, adjudicated or completed a diversion agreement, probation or other court supervision of a controlled substance or unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia in the past 60 months

  • Free of felony convictions; free of misdemeanor or felony domestic violence crime

  • Free of DUI convictions within the past 24 months

  • Pass a background investigation, medical exam, TB test, and drug screen

  • Posses a valid driver's license


  • Incumbents in this class are responsible for maintaining security in a corrections facility by supervising the conduct, work, discipline and recreation of residents. Incumbents in this class are certified Corrections Officers and exercise delegated statutory powers.


1607 State St

Ellsworth, Kansas


Phone: 785-472-8779

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